The Friends of Palm Island is coming !

This August, we're launching five new friends who live in the tropics! The Southern Palm Island, where Legged snail Poron & Noiel Forest Friend, Peg live, was first introduced in March. It is famous for its succulent bananas.

Everyone who lives on Palm Island is banana-colored. The first islander we are introducing is Wanda Friend, Chris Happy. Chris, as his name suggests, is a very cheerful guy. He makes everyone around him feel relaxed and joyful. His body is of course yellow. He has yellow-green eyelids, black eyes, and freckles that look like banana sugar spots. His legs down to his toes are a gradient brown. He’s definitely one of the cool guys. Additionally, a complementary accessory is available for Chris. It’s a Spottle, a pair of goggles for Wanda Friends. This edition is a Neko-mimi Spottle, meaning cat ears in English. The Palm Island pair is yellow-green in color.

Next, we have Fortune Wanda Friend, Nell Happy. She also has a yellow body with green painted on her head and half of her face, which looks like a mushroom mask. In addition, there are white spots all over the green part of her face. All in all, she looks like a tiny banana mushroom; cute but full of character.

The third one is Eamon, a small, talking bug. This is the second doll to appear from our new Chatty Bugs series, the first of which was Luma, the strawberry-looking bug. Eamon, predictably, is a bug that looks like a banana. His face and legs are beige. He has brown eyes, a yellow-green belly, and a yellow backside. His tiny head is movable so you can make change its facial angle.

Next is a crossover from a diffent series called "MeoWorld". From this series of cats comes Mirabelle, a yellow cat. She came to Wanda World after a mysterious event. Her yellow body and pink nose are her charming points. What kind of story she has in store for us, you will have to wait for the card included in the package!

And lastly, the most eccentric looking doll in this summer collection… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Silas. He is a friend of Walter who is a member of the Mist Tribe of the Black Forest. Whereas Walter (currently still on sale) has pitch black eyes with no pupils, Silas has almond-shaped eyes with a golden crescent iris and a black pupil. The pointy tip of his head is yellow green. His hands and feet are brown, which keeps up with the banana theme. You might think he is some sort of a monster but that is not the case. Like all the other residents of Palm Island, he is rather kind and cheerful. Silas is quite frankly, the life of the party.

We have a lot of new dolls coming all at once, so please enjoy the rest of the summer with any or all of these banana-rific characters. They will be launched on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM Japan time.

Have a Wanda-ful summertime!

Studio Uoo

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