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New Horned Frog tribe and their tiny friends on sale!

Dear Wanda Family,

How is everyone doing? It’s getting hotter here in Tokyo! We hope you are keeping cool and hydrated.

Speaking of cool, have you had a chance to participate in our “Wonder Frog Colorful” campaign on Instagram? In celebration of Wanda’s birthday on June 20, it is but natural that the color of the month would be green. Likewise, the dolls of the month are also green.

As Wanda fans probably already know, we have some very interesting residents in Palm Island, which is a popular tourist destination in Wanda’s World. This month’s dolls are from Horned Frog tribe and their tiny friends with protruding ears, the Long Ear breed.

Dwawan Yel is a horned frog who is a veteran arborist. He is knowledgeable about various trees, but his specialty is of course, bananas. Together with his assistant, he is careful to ensure that his beloved banana trees grow well and produce tasty fruit. He has a light green complexion, that gradiates into dark brown in his hands and feet. Dwawan has two variants distinguisehed by the eyes. One is a hand painted version by KENZO, which features black eyes with white dots and a banana-like eyebrow on the right eye. The other one is a regular version with brown eyes. The brown eyes are the first for the horned frog. They kind of look like chocolate chips, which goes very well with the overall look, making it ripe for a photo session.

Next up are two long-eared tribe Fortune Wanda Friends, Miana Nipher and Olita Nipher. Miana is light green and translucent, with black eyes and a pink nose. Her ears are painted yellow and her fingers and toes are painted in brown. Olita has a faint yellow translucent body that is almost beige. Her ears are white, eyes are black and nose is baby pink. Her hands and feet are green. Olita is a limited edition doll that was featured during our participation at the “Doll Show” held in Tokyo. There are two versions: a special version that has KENZO’s Banana painting on her chest and a regular version. The special version are only few and will be sent out to customers randomly. Each doll will be covered by a cotton-like wrap, to add to the suspense. Incidentally, Olita looks stunning when paired with our long-eared Rabbie Casey FWF, which was released in April. Why not have them hang out?

The release will be on June 20, 2024 at 7:00 PM Japan time. Happy shopping!

Have a Wanda-ful and colorful day!

Thank you Studio-uoo.

We will be selling KENZO’s special handpainted Phil Morin dolls.

Dear Wanda Family,

June is an important month for Wonder Frog. It is when celebrate Wanda’s birthday. To commemorate this, we will be selling KENZO's special handpainted Phil Morin dolls. There are two designs. One has clear blue eyes with gold eyeliner with white dots. It has golden paintings on the chest, which includes a heart, as well as the cheeks which resemble freckles. Behind the eyes are ancient Japanese patterns, and on its back is a design that resembles a dragon ascending to the heavens. The other has clear blue eyes with red eyeliner and white dots. There is a small flame on the chest, and the same pattern of golded ornaments behind the eyes, with golden dots scattered behind its slightly darker head, which appears to be almost blue. The same dragonlike pattern is painted on the back. This type will be set with a mushroom hat for Wanda Friend. These were all designed by KENZO with this year’s Zodiac sign in mind.

These special edition dolls are only available at a limited time. Please take this opportunity to get your hands on these valuable hand painted collectibles. The launch date is Thursday, June 20, 2024, starting at 7:00 p.m. Japan time.

P.S. Since these dolls are hand painted, they may differ slightly from the pictures. This is a made-to-order item and will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after you place your order.

Thank you and have a Wanda-ful Dragon year!


Teten Cumu and Kairo Rooney

Dear Wanda Family,

Following the love-filled dolls of February, we have another fantastic group of friends to introduce this month.

First up is Teten Cumu, a mushroom person from Sky City. Kind but introverted, he is one of Hapi’s good friends. Despite his shy exterior, he is kind of an artist. He loves drawing swirls, and everywehre he goes he would try to draw them on pavement floors, or street walls. He hopes to one day draw a picture of Hapi on a humongous cloud in the vast sky. Right now, he is most excited about eating lunch with Hapi everday.

He sports a stunning, glitterry purple umbrella hat, that has white spots. His eyes, like Hapi’s, are also uniquely painted. His complexion is a translucent lavender, providing an endearing overall look.

And launching with him is Kylo Rooney, a tadpole person also from Sky City. He has a transparent purple body, which when hit by sunlight, reflects a kaleidoscope of shadows and colorful expressions. His cheeks are painted with dragon whiskers and his eyes have the anime sparkling effect. The overall look is definitely eccentric but mysteriously fascinating.

He lives on Sky Island, where the rain clouds are made. He is always dozing off, however, he would occasionally engage in small talk with visitors and then, would come up to the cloud giants, the arbiter of storms, to ask for rain on their behalf. He says he is the illegitimate son of a dragon that lived in the Sky City, in ancient times. Whether that is true or not, the fact remains: he is one interesting character.

Now, we want to announce our next month’s color theme, for our Instagram Photo Contest, #wonderfrogcolorful. March’s color is pink! We would love to see pictures of Wanda Friend Florent and Noiel Forest Friend Hapi, from last month, in your Insta posts. And of course, together with the other pink dolls from your Wonder Frog collection. Next month, the color is purple. We hope that you consider including the new March dolls in your shopping cart, so you can include them in your photo entires for April. We are looking forward to your many submissions!

The release date will be on March 26, 2024, Tuesday, at 7:00 PM Japan Time.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Have a wanda-ful day and see you again, in Spring!


On sale Valentine limited edition dolls

Hello, our dear Wanda Family!

The love month has come again. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when women are given the opportunity to confess their love to men, by giving them chocolates. On the other hand, men usually give back sweets to the women who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as a thank-you gift. That is why, from February to March, so much love is in the air. This season is the same at Noiel Forest. Many residents show their love and feel their hearts flutter in excitement, during this time of the year.

This month, Florent Femme, our Valentine’s doll will be released. With an irresistibly adorable, gliterry pink body, she is sure to delight you all. To complement her shiny complexion, she also has golden sparkles on her black eyes. Her feet are white gradient, from below her knees. As a bonus treat, she comes with her favorite "OTOME” glasses. The unique design is inspired by Japanese girls' manga (Shojo Manga) and includes “anime” eyelashes. When she wears them, she easily changes into an avant-garde fashionista. We hope that these glasses will become a valuable addition to your collection, as you enjoy styling your other Wanda friends with them.

A little story about Florent Femme; she runs a drink stand that is known for it rich chocolate drinks. Her popular store offers everything from slightly bitter flavors for adults, to sweet and fancifully decorated parfaits, that children love. This time of the year, her store is inundated by people who are keen on getting into the love season.

As always, a cute Fortune Wanda Friend will also be released. FWF Florent Femme has the same clear pink and glittery body as Wanda Friend Florent, with a pair of black eyes.

In addition, our Valentine’s special limited edition doll, My Wanda friend Chocolate, will also be released. Enjoy this delectable treat of a doll, who looks exactly like a piece of chocolate, as a Valentine’s gift or just an addition to your collection. My Wanda Friend is a new series of dolls that are weighted with 21 grams of pellets, which is said to be the weight of the human soul.

Along with these dolls, we will be re-selling Hapi, who was so popular that the last time, she was sold out in a few days. Hapi comes with a mushroom umbrella, which has the same pink glittery design. Her baby pink complexion and sparkly, bashful eyes are the cutest combination!

You think that’s all? Wait until you meet Hapi's friend, who is scheduled to be released in March.

We are so excited for you to meet all of our dolls this month. Please note that Florent Femme - OTOME glasses set are priced differently, however you can purchase the doll without the glasses too. We hope that your life is filled with even more love, from us and from our lovely creations.

The sale will begin at 7:00 p.m. Japan time on February 20, 2024. Please mark your calendars!

Have a Wanda-ful Valentine’s season!



New event on Instagram!

Dear Wanda Family!

This year's Wonder Frog theme is colorful, in celebration of the diversity of Wanda and his Friends. In line with this, we will hold a photo contest on Instagram, where we will ask Wonder Frog fans around the world to post their best Wonder Frog doll photos, based on the color of each month. The selected photos will be featured in a free monthly calendar, which will start in April. This will then be included in every purchase of any Wonder Frog doll, this year. The submission period for the first calendar month which is April, is from February 7 to March 7. Please submit photos of your Wanda friends, Fortune Wanda friends, and other Wanda family members, from all these years. We hope to collect many wonderful submissions, even as far back as 2007.

It’s the month of love so naturally, we choose the color red, for our first color theme. Take out all your red Wanda dolls and take the prettiest photos you can! The next two months, the colors will be Pink for March and Purple for April.

We are really looking forward to your entries. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram, @wonderfrog_j with the hashtag #wonderfrogcolorful.

We hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane with us, as we look at all the past dolls, that we have all come to love and cherish.

Thank you and as always, have a Wanda-ful day!

Studio Uoo

2024 The first sale new dolls!!

Dear Wanda Family,

Happy New Year! We would like to aanounce our first line-up of dolls for this year.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, so our first doll is inspired by this year’s zodiac sign. Dorako Green Jasper is a boy from the Dragonite tribe. He has a crocodile-like face with horns on his head. His color is deep green with a golden-yellow painted belly, and pitch black eyes. His father is the head priest of a shrine built in a cape on the Togo Peninsula. He hopes to one day become a great Dragonite and follow in the footsteps of his father.

Together with this new Dragonite doll, Fortune Wanda Friends Kiono and Sena, will be released. They are the miniature versions of previously released Wanda Friend dolls in 2023, that were very popular. Kiono is translucent moss green and Sena is beige. Like recently released dolls, they have built-in magnets in their heads, so various accessories can be attached to them. This time, as a gift, we have included a set of felt ball accessories that resemble Japanese oranges. The reason for this is that in Japan, New Year’s rice cakes or Kagamimochi, is traditionally served. It is topped with an orange. Such is the image we had envisioned for these new FWFs. Being our first release this year, we hope the they bring luck to all of us. In addition, we will also be re-selling the Wanda Friend versions, to coincide with this release. If you missed out on them last year, then you are in for a treat.

We have one more product in store for you! This is something that has become a tradition for our local sales, and we want to sell them more internationally. Our "Omikuji T-shirts" with original illustrations by Ayumi Saito, the principal illustrator of Wonder Frog. The Omikuji, is a piece of paper which can be taken at shrines during New Year’s, that shows people their fortune for the year. This tradition is the source of inspiration for this Wanda Friend T-shirts. The illustrations feature the My Wanda friends characters, which represent three kinds of fortunes: Very good luck (Daikichi), Fair luck (Kichi), and Bad luck (Kyo). (New bone walkers and Legged snails can also wear the T-shirts.)

The release date is January 30, 2024, at 7:00 P.M. JST. We hope you will continue to have fun in Wonder Frog’s world in 2024.

Have a wanda-ful year!

Studio Uoo

Happy New Year 2024!

Our dear Wanda family,

Happy New Year!

The year 2024 has finally arrived. Wanda's friends are also celebrating the new year at Noiel Forest.

The Wonder Frog theme for next year is “A Colorful World”. The pop of bright colors is one of the most attractive features of the Wanda Friends series. Such colors represent their personalities, highlighting the diversity of not only their world, but also the world that we, humans, live in today. We hope that by featuring a rainbow of colors next year, we are going to inspire peace and harmony for everyone, especially in an increasingly divided world.

Let us all join hands and walk together to a more colorful and peaceful new year!

From all of us at Studio Uoo, Yoi o-toshi wo! (Have a great new year!)

My Wanda Friend on sale in December!

Our dear Wanda Family,

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to you all!

You must be gearing up for a festive celebration this coming holiday season. We wish you a very warm and fuzzy time with your loved ones. Before we start a new leaf next year, we would like to present two more new dolls to all of you; our last hurrah for the year, 2023.

Our cute “My Wanda Friends” collection have new members: Wanda and Innocent. Wanda, as you may have guessed, sports the standard Wanda green body and black eyes. His puppy eyes and warm smile will melt your heart, for sure. A special feature of this doll is its extra 21 grams of weight. Inside it are some pebbles that help the doll stand upright much easier. It is said that a person is heavier because they have a soul, and when they pass, the weight of the soul goes away as well. The same is true for My Wanda Friends, so you can think of Wanda as a life-like, spirited doll. Innocent, on the other hand, is an ivory-colored blank canvas. This is our special treat for our lovely customers, you can finally make your own doll. This holiday break, get your hands dirty and make a masterpiece out of your new “My Wanda Friend” doll. The doll is made of soft vinyl, so make sure to use plastic-friendly paint. Otherwise, you can use any color and do any design you wish. You can even make them into ornaments which you can hang on your Christmas Tree, until early next year at least.

The dolls will start selling on December 26, Tuesday, at 7:00 PM JST. We hope that you can include Wanda and Innocent, in your post-Christmas shopping list.

From all of us here at Studio Uoo, we thank you, we appreciate you and we look forward to another year full of fun and dolls.

With lots of love,

Studio Uoo

P.S. We would love to see what you come up with, with your “Innocent” dolls so please post them online and don’t forget to tag us @wonderfrog_j on Instagram and @wanda_frog on X, formerly Twitter; with the hashtag #mywandafriend. We’ll be waiting!

A limited edition doll to be released in March 2023.

Dear Wanda Family,

It’s March! The cherry blossoms bloom once again in Japan and spring has really sprung. I am sure that your Wanda Friends are also happy about it because they don't like the cold and they revel in the warmth of the sun. So go ahead and take your Wanda Friends on a spring outing. You are sure to have a wanda-ful time.

The new limited edition dolls we are releasing this month are colorful Wanda Friends and Fortune Wanda Friends, who look great in the spring sunshine.

Pian Olu is quite a unique doll, having a fluorescent pink and transparent body with tri-colored eyes: white, purple and black, and brown eyeliner on its lids. Together with her partner, she runs a glassware shop that sells cups, vases, and other miscellaneous items.

Lino Sara, Pian’s partner, has a fluorescent yellow and transparent body with bi-colored eyes: black and blue. She is a glassblower, someone who blows liquid gas into shapes. She makes a variety of pieces in glass, using this technique. As a couple, she and Pian runs the shop at Noiel Forest.

Naturally, Fortune Wanda Friends will be released as well. The colors are almost the same except that their eyes are only black. They look as cute and delectable as jelly beans.

Like previous dolls, they have a glass-like appearance, and when light filters through them, they reflect a beautiful hue reminiscent of stained glass catedrals. Spend an imaginative time with them under the gentle warmth of the spring sun.

The launch will be on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 19:00 Japan time. Thank you and enjoy!


Omikuji T-shirts is coming!

Dear Wanda friends,

One of the most typical New Year's traditions in Japan is checking your future for the year with the omikuji. Omikuji is a piece of paper sold at shrines that tell of one’s fortune for the upcoming year. During this time of the year, many people fall in line at shrines, in anxious anticipation for what the next months could look like for them. A lot of people still follow this custom.

This year, we are releasing Wanda-sizes T-shirts with the omikuji theme. There are three designs. First is a very lucky "Daikichi", a moderately happy "Kichi", and a very unlucky “Kyou”. Which one will you get? It’s for you to find out.

The illustration of "Daikichi" is a picture of winning the lottery. If you win a lot of money, you might become greedy. The illustration of “Kichi” is that of winning a candy which depicts small sources of happiness in our daily lives. Perhaps such happiness is the most important. The last one is “Kyou” which features an unfortunate scene.

The T-shirts will be sold at the same time as the release of Jenna and Tovil, on January 28, 2023 at 7 PM Japan time. Don't forget!

Studio Uoo