New Bone Walker

Skeleton, Lamp Nico was struck by lightning in a cemetery and miraculously rose from the dead. He only have bones, no flesh and no brain. That is why he has no memory of his previous life. Suddenly, a kind, old lady came out of nowhere and started talking to him. She decided to take him home and welcome him into her family. Lamp started living a carefree life with humans but one day, a reaper from hell came and wanted to take him back there because his resurrection was an accident. Such is the kind of story that you can expect from the skeletons: chilling to the bone.

Barol Bolero (translucent version) バロル・ボレロ

発売日: 2022年02月

Lamp Nico (translucent version) ランプ・ニコ(半透明バージョン)

発売日: 2021年09月

Aaru Reed アアル・リード

発売日: 2020年05月

Jade Mercury ジェイド・マーキュリー

発売日: 2020年01月

Tempest Scarlet テンペスト・スカーレット

発売日: 2019年03月

Domingo Blanco ドミンゴ・ブランコ

発売日: 2017年08月

Melody Walker メロディ・ウォーカー

発売日: 2012年08月

Rimi Zoey リミ・ゾーイ

発売日: 2011年05月

Lamp Nico ランプ・ニコ

発売日: 2010年03月