The first limited doll to be released in 2023

Our dearest Wanda Family,

A new year has finally dawned. 2023 is the year of the rabbit so we would like to introduce Wanda Friends under this theme. The first dolls we are releasing this year are two very interesting characters with charming personalities. Let’s talk about the first of them.

Her name is Jenna Alphin. She’s the first to come from a new tribe of Wanda Friends. They are called "horned frogs,” a group living in a swampy area, outside of Noiel Forest. They have pointed eyelids and a large horn on their heads. Jenna is now living at Noiel. Her black eyes are slightly tilted to either side, and she is pure white all over.

Ever since she was young, she has always thought of herself as a rabbit because of her pure white complexion and the fact that she is a fast runner and a good jumper. You can say that she is a a little bit eccentric. When Jenna got lost in the forest, she was rescued by another Wanda friend, the second new doll this year.

Tovil Flame is his name. He is a tadpole person who works as a forest ranger. He has a peculiar physical attribute. For some reason, his body is naturally warmer than others. This trait seems to translate unto his personality as well, as he is very kind and accommodating. He is always helping animals and residents who get in trouble during the snowy winters.

His body is translucent red and graded black from his knees, down to his toes, with eyes that are jet black. A rather cool tadpole person, if I do say so myself.

This time, we will be selling them in a special outfit set. Jenna’s include a dress with a picture of her holding three little bunnies. The sleeves are bordered and the hem is left uncut for a casual finish. Tovil is wearing a long shirt with a patch in the front, with an illustration of Fan, an animal resembling a fox and a cat, that lives in the Noiel forest, as well as Fon, who is seen on the left side. He is Tovil’s co-worker. On the right side, you can find a tiny picture of Tovil, himself.

And what's more, we are giving away our Japanese New Year's cards to everyone who purchases this set. We hope that this gives you a more Japanese feel for the new year.

The release date will be Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 7PM Japan time.

We wish you all another wonderful year, and we hope it will be filled with smiles. All of us at Wonder Frog will make every effort to help you achieve this. We look forward to going through another adventure with you this year.

Studio Uoo

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