The 2022 Wonder Frog Halloween Limited Edition dolls

Dear Wonder Friend Families!

The fun and festive Halloween is upon us! The 2022 Wonder Frog Halloween Limited Edition dolls include the cool skeleton-painted Wanda Friend "Shadow Bone", plus two Fortune Wanda Friends and a Legged Snail kid, Popo Percy - ghost version.

Shadow Bone is a Wanda Friend who works as a grave keeper in the Black Forest, a short distance west of Noiel. His body glows in the dark and he has a matte black skeleton design tattooed on his body. The Bone family to which he belongs has been doing this job for generations. They always see Wanda Friend turn into glowing stardust after their deaths. From this, the idea of honoring their body while it is still alive was born. As a sign of this, they started drawing a full skeleton on their bodies, in order to remind themselves constantly of how precious they are.

Lloyd Bone is his older brother, released exclusively for Halloween 2021. Lucky for you, it is still on sale, so why not have fun with both Bone brothers this Halloween?

Next is one of the two Fortune Wander Friends, Devila Roro. She is a cute and mischievous little devil. A limited edition FWF from the Dollshow 67 in Tokyo held last September, she has a translucent red body with black feet. It also has two tiny wings on its back. The most attractive point, however, are the small fangs protruding out of her mouth.

Gurun Roro, the other FWF, is a troublemaking ghoul. His translucent dark purple body is painted with horizontal stripes on his upper body. His hands and feet are black and like Devila, he has fangs painted on his mouth. They’re really devilishly cute.

Last but not the least is Legged snail kid, Popo Percy - ghost version. He went to visit the black house where the ghosts stay during the Halloween season, and the ghosts played a prank on him, turning him into a ghostly figure himself! But fear not everyone, he would return to his normal self the following morning. This version, however, is what he looks like when he is in that haunted state. Translucent white body, with feet that are stained black like shadow. His eyes also turn blue. It comes with a stuffed animal, a one-eyed ghost, which comes in blue and white. Feel free to choose which one you fancy.

*Popo Percy - ghost version is translucent and you can see a little inside, so you may see lines and irregularities due to the shading of the material. This is not a defect but its natural look. Please be guided accordingly.

Make sure to join include this new collection to your Halloween festivities. The release date is on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 19:00 Japan time. Have a Spooky and Wanda-ful Halloween!

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