Original hand painted creations by KENZO

Dear Wonder Frog Family,

To celebrate KENZO's first solo exhibition, "Grave Ruins of Time, Act I,” which is currently being held at the Wanda Shop, we are launching new, special edition dolls.

During Halloween, residents of Noiel Forest come up with many ways to have fun together. This year, they decided to draw a ghost on each other’s chest. It became so popular that almost everybody wanted to have it. Some of them use it to scare or prank others. Wanda Friends, Jean Pierre Smiley (Mr. Debonair) and Todd Tremaine are no exception.

Their eyes are carefully crafted by KENZO, as well as the ghost illustrations on the left side of their chest. Because they are individually hand painted, please note that each ghost is unique and may be in different poses or have varied expressions.

In addition, several other creations that are also part of the show, will be sold on our online shop. First, the adorable Cat Frogs that the Wanda Friends are very fond of and keep as pets. Next, Pukla and Fan, the strange-looking animals of the Noiel Forest. Broom and Bone, the bug dolls. And finally, a pair goggles for Fortune Wanda Friends.

Cat Frogs are very cute. They have a frog-like body and face, as well as a pair of cat ears and a tail. Pukla has a very unusual appearance. It walks on four legs and carries a mushroom shell-like object on its back, and has a round body like a fat toad. Its face is somewhat tiny compared to its body, and seems to have a resting frown. Fan also wears a mushroom-like hat with a twirl on its head. It kind of looks like a fox and a cat combined. It also has a mushroom patch atop its tail. Broom Bug is a relatively large bug that FWF’s ride on like a horse. Bone bug is a caterpillar-like bug which has a backbone. It has a curved body which allows it to be laid perfectly on a Wanda Friend’s leg, as if it were crawling creepily. The goggles for Fortune Wanda Friends are very pop and stylish, giving your dolls an updated look.

Everything will be painstakingly hand painted by the artist himself, which makes them truly special and rare. Because of this, the number of dolls sold will be limited so make sure to get yours as soon as you can!

The release date will be Tuesday, October 28, 2022 at 19:00 Japan time.

Thank you and have a wanda-ful day!

P.S. Again, we want to reiterate that all these items’ designs will be hand-painted, so they may differ slightly from the photos. These are individual art pieces and as such we do not accept returns or exchanges except for defective items alone. Please be aware of this before purchasing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at Thank you!

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