On sale Valentine limited edition dolls

Hello, our dear Wanda Family!

The love month has come again. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when women are given the opportunity to confess their love to men, by giving them chocolates. On the other hand, men usually give back sweets to the women who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as a thank-you gift. That is why, from February to March, so much love is in the air. This season is the same at Noiel Forest. Many residents show their love and feel their hearts flutter in excitement, during this time of the year.

This month, Florent Femme, our Valentine’s doll will be released. With an irresistibly adorable, gliterry pink body, she is sure to delight you all. To complement her shiny complexion, she also has golden sparkles on her black eyes. Her feet are white gradient, from below her knees. As a bonus treat, she comes with her favorite "OTOME” glasses. The unique design is inspired by Japanese girls' manga (Shojo Manga) and includes “anime” eyelashes. When she wears them, she easily changes into an avant-garde fashionista. We hope that these glasses will become a valuable addition to your collection, as you enjoy styling your other Wanda friends with them.

A little story about Florent Femme; she runs a drink stand that is known for it rich chocolate drinks. Her popular store offers everything from slightly bitter flavors for adults, to sweet and fancifully decorated parfaits, that children love. This time of the year, her store is inundated by people who are keen on getting into the love season.

As always, a cute Fortune Wanda Friend will also be released. FWF Florent Femme has the same clear pink and glittery body as Wanda Friend Florent, with a pair of black eyes.

In addition, our Valentine’s special limited edition doll, My Wanda friend Chocolate, will also be released. Enjoy this delectable treat of a doll, who looks exactly like a piece of chocolate, as a Valentine’s gift or just an addition to your collection. My Wanda Friend is a new series of dolls that are weighted with 21 grams of pellets, which is said to be the weight of the human soul.

Along with these dolls, we will be re-selling Hapi, who was so popular that the last time, she was sold out in a few days. Hapi comes with a mushroom umbrella, which has the same pink glittery design. Her baby pink complexion and sparkly, bashful eyes are the cutest combination!

You think that’s all? Wait until you meet Hapi's friend, who is scheduled to be released in March.

We are so excited for you to meet all of our dolls this month. Please note that Florent Femme - OTOME glasses set are priced differently, however you can purchase the doll without the glasses too. We hope that your life is filled with even more love, from us and from our lovely creations.

The sale will begin at 7:00 p.m. Japan time on February 20, 2024. Please mark your calendars!

Have a Wanda-ful Valentine’s season!



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