New Horned Frog tribe and their tiny friends on sale!

Dear Wanda Family,

How is everyone doing? It’s getting hotter here in Tokyo! We hope you are keeping cool and hydrated.

Speaking of cool, have you had a chance to participate in our “Wonder Frog Colorful” campaign on Instagram? In celebration of Wanda’s birthday on June 20, it is but natural that the color of the month would be green. Likewise, the dolls of the month are also green.

As Wanda fans probably already know, we have some very interesting residents in Palm Island, which is a popular tourist destination in Wanda’s World. This month’s dolls are from Horned Frog tribe and their tiny friends with protruding ears, the Long Ear breed.

Dwawan Yel is a horned frog who is a veteran arborist. He is knowledgeable about various trees, but his specialty is of course, bananas. Together with his assistant, he is careful to ensure that his beloved banana trees grow well and produce tasty fruit. He has a light green complexion, that gradiates into dark brown in his hands and feet. Dwawan has two variants distinguisehed by the eyes. One is a hand painted version by KENZO, which features black eyes with white dots and a banana-like eyebrow on the right eye. The other one is a regular version with brown eyes. The brown eyes are the first for the horned frog. They kind of look like chocolate chips, which goes very well with the overall look, making it ripe for a photo session.

Next up are two long-eared tribe Fortune Wanda Friends, Miana Nipher and Olita Nipher. Miana is light green and translucent, with black eyes and a pink nose. Her ears are painted yellow and her fingers and toes are painted in brown. Olita has a faint yellow translucent body that is almost beige. Her ears are white, eyes are black and nose is baby pink. Her hands and feet are green. Olita is a limited edition doll that was featured during our participation at the “Doll Show” held in Tokyo. There are two versions: a special version that has KENZO’s Banana painting on her chest and a regular version. The special version are only few and will be sent out to customers randomly. Each doll will be covered by a cotton-like wrap, to add to the suspense. Incidentally, Olita looks stunning when paired with our long-eared Rabbie Casey FWF, which was released in April. Why not have them hang out?

The release will be on June 20, 2024 at 7:00 PM Japan time. Happy shopping!

Have a Wanda-ful and colorful day!

Thank you Studio-uoo.

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