Dear Wanda Family!

We are excited to bring you our new Wanda Friend and Fortune Wanda Friend series. They were Crystal Mushroom dolls that metamorphosed into crystalline Wanda Friends.

The story is the mushroom dolls were transformed by the love of Bright Muliphein, an alien who came to Wanda World after losing his home planet. Bright settled in a town under the sea where he started teaching little kids of the sea mushroom people, about various things. He also holds storytelling sessions where he shares his life experiences.

One day, a mysterious rainbow bridge came down from above. Bright found “Aqua”, a Crystal Mushroom, at the end of the rainbow. He took it home and nurtured it with all his heart. And out of the depths of his love, Wanda Friend "Luster Bright" was born.

They have the same aqua blue color with a special sheen from inside which shines beautifully when it catches the light. Their eyes are a different shade of blue. They are translucent so light can pass through as well, giving the illusion of shimmering eyes. If you think about it, they look like a flowing stream struck by the sun, producing a magical glow.

It will be available in Wanda Friend and Fortune Wanda Friend variants. The release date is Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 7:00 PM Japan time.

We hope you have a nice holiday this summer as you take your new dolls with you to the water to cool off together.

Thank you and have a Wanda-Ful life!

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