A limited edition doll to be released in March 2023.

Dear Wanda Family,

It’s March! The cherry blossoms bloom once again in Japan and spring has really sprung. I am sure that your Wanda Friends are also happy about it because they don't like the cold and they revel in the warmth of the sun. So go ahead and take your Wanda Friends on a spring outing. You are sure to have a wanda-ful time.

The new limited edition dolls we are releasing this month are colorful Wanda Friends and Fortune Wanda Friends, who look great in the spring sunshine.

Pian Olu is quite a unique doll, having a fluorescent pink and transparent body with tri-colored eyes: white, purple and black, and brown eyeliner on its lids. Together with her partner, she runs a glassware shop that sells cups, vases, and other miscellaneous items.

Lino Sara, Pian’s partner, has a fluorescent yellow and transparent body with bi-colored eyes: black and blue. She is a glassblower, someone who blows liquid gas into shapes. She makes a variety of pieces in glass, using this technique. As a couple, she and Pian runs the shop at Noiel Forest.

Naturally, Fortune Wanda Friends will be released as well. The colors are almost the same except that their eyes are only black. They look as cute and delectable as jelly beans.

Like previous dolls, they have a glass-like appearance, and when light filters through them, they reflect a beautiful hue reminiscent of stained glass catedrals. Spend an imaginative time with them under the gentle warmth of the spring sun.

The launch will be on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 19:00 Japan time. Thank you and enjoy!


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