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Black Friday sale is here !

Dear Wanda Frog Family,

The mind-blowing Black Friday sale is here again!

Some dolls will be on sale for 6 days, from midnight 11/25 to 11:59pm 11/30 JST
*Only while stock last

Here’s a list of the dolls
20% off
Wanda Friend Adele Viento
Wanda Friend Solano Viento
Fortune Wanda Friend Marlo Urara
Fortune Wanda Friend Paula Shika
Meoworld Coco
Meoworld Hyu
New Bone Walker Tempest Scarlet

30% off
Wanda Friens Von Elem
Noiel Forest Friend Tykky Viti
Noiel Forest Friend Bloch Arnim

50% off
Noiel Forest Friend Walter
Fortune Wanda Friend Dreieck 5
Noiel Forest Friend Mukumu

They This offer runs from 0:00 on 11/25 through 23:59 on 11/30, giving you plenty of time to shop, but odds are the cutest dolls will sell out before the sale ends! Order yours before they are gone! Have a Wanda-ful time shopping!

Our office is closed from 10/31 ~ 11/4

Dear customers,

We are very sorry for the short notice.
Our office is closed from 10/31 ~ 11/4, orders placed during this period will begin shipping on 11/5.
We will not be able to reply to email or confirm payments.
For any inquiries, please contact us at
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Original hand painted creations by KENZO

Dear Wonder Frog Family,

To celebrate KENZO's first solo exhibition, "Grave Ruins of Time, Act I,” which is currently being held at the Wanda Shop, we are launching new, special edition dolls.

During Halloween, residents of Noiel Forest come up with many ways to have fun together. This year, they decided to draw a ghost on each other’s chest. It became so popular that almost everybody wanted to have it. Some of them use it to scare or prank others. Wanda Friends, Jean Pierre Smiley (Mr. Debonair) and Todd Tremaine are no exception.

Their eyes are carefully crafted by KENZO, as well as the ghost illustrations on the left side of their chest. Because they are individually hand painted, please note that each ghost is unique and may be in different poses or have varied expressions.

In addition, several other creations that are also part of the show, will be sold on our online shop. First, the adorable Cat Frogs that the Wanda Friends are very fond of and keep as pets. Next, Pukla and Fan, the strange-looking animals of the Noiel Forest. Broom and Bone, the bug dolls. And finally, a pair goggles for Fortune Wanda Friends.

Cat Frogs are very cute. They have a frog-like body and face, as well as a pair of cat ears and a tail. Pukla has a very unusual appearance. It walks on four legs and carries a mushroom shell-like object on its back, and has a round body like a fat toad. Its face is somewhat tiny compared to its body, and seems to have a resting frown. Fan also wears a mushroom-like hat with a twirl on its head. It kind of looks like a fox and a cat combined. It also has a mushroom patch atop its tail. Broom Bug is a relatively large bug that FWF’s ride on like a horse. Bone bug is a caterpillar-like bug which has a backbone. It has a curved body which allows it to be laid perfectly on a Wanda Friend’s leg, as if it were crawling creepily. The goggles for Fortune Wanda Friends are very pop and stylish, giving your dolls an updated look.

Everything will be painstakingly hand painted by the artist himself, which makes them truly special and rare. Because of this, the number of dolls sold will be limited so make sure to get yours as soon as you can!

The release date will be Tuesday, October 28, 2022 at 19:00 Japan time.

Thank you and have a wanda-ful day!

P.S. Again, we want to reiterate that all these items’ designs will be hand-painted, so they may differ slightly from the photos. These are individual art pieces and as such we do not accept returns or exchanges except for defective items alone. Please be aware of this before purchasing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at Thank you!

The 2022 Wonder Frog Halloween Limited Edition dolls

Dear Wonder Friend Families!

The fun and festive Halloween is upon us! The 2022 Wonder Frog Halloween Limited Edition dolls include the cool skeleton-painted Wanda Friend "Shadow Bone", plus two Fortune Wanda Friends and a Legged Snail kid, Popo Percy - ghost version.

Shadow Bone is a Wanda Friend who works as a grave keeper in the Black Forest, a short distance west of Noiel. His body glows in the dark and he has a matte black skeleton design tattooed on his body. The Bone family to which he belongs has been doing this job for generations. They always see Wanda Friend turn into glowing stardust after their deaths. From this, the idea of honoring their body while it is still alive was born. As a sign of this, they started drawing a full skeleton on their bodies, in order to remind themselves constantly of how precious they are.

Lloyd Bone is his older brother, released exclusively for Halloween 2021. Lucky for you, it is still on sale, so why not have fun with both Bone brothers this Halloween?

Next is one of the two Fortune Wander Friends, Devila Roro. She is a cute and mischievous little devil. A limited edition FWF from the Dollshow 67 in Tokyo held last September, she has a translucent red body with black feet. It also has two tiny wings on its back. The most attractive point, however, are the small fangs protruding out of her mouth.

Gurun Roro, the other FWF, is a troublemaking ghoul. His translucent dark purple body is painted with horizontal stripes on his upper body. His hands and feet are black and like Devila, he has fangs painted on his mouth. They’re really devilishly cute.

Last but not the least is Legged snail kid, Popo Percy - ghost version. He went to visit the black house where the ghosts stay during the Halloween season, and the ghosts played a prank on him, turning him into a ghostly figure himself! But fear not everyone, he would return to his normal self the following morning. This version, however, is what he looks like when he is in that haunted state. Translucent white body, with feet that are stained black like shadow. His eyes also turn blue. It comes with a stuffed animal, a one-eyed ghost, which comes in blue and white. Feel free to choose which one you fancy.

*Popo Percy - ghost version is translucent and you can see a little inside, so you may see lines and irregularities due to the shading of the material. This is not a defect but its natural look. Please be guided accordingly.

Make sure to join include this new collection to your Halloween festivities. The release date is on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 19:00 Japan time. Have a Spooky and Wanda-ful Halloween!

Thank you so much!! for #mynumber1dafriend

Dear Wanda Friend Family

The hot and humid summer is about to end. We hope you all had a good festive season. Our #mynumber1dafriend campaign that was held in celebration of Wonder Frog's 15th anniversary, ended on August 31. Thank you to everyone who submitted truly fantastic photos. We were thoroughly impressed with the many number of entries.

Seeing our Wanda and his friends living happily across oceans and continents was very touching. We felt as if we were there when you were taking the pictures and it was an emotional moment we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now, as much as we want to thank every single person who participated, we are unable to due to the sheer volume of participants. So instead, we will be sending a special limited edition Wanda Friend doll T-shirt to a select number. These will be sent out in end-September and a direct message will be sent to the lucky winners.

We hope that you enjoy our little token of appreciation for all the support you have given us during this campaign and in the last fifteen years of Wonder Frog’s existence. The contest is over, but Wanda’s life goes on so we look forward to seeing more photos and tags of your wonderful Wanda friends. #mynumber1dafriend is forever

Thank you very much and have a wanda-ful life!

Studio Uoo

The Friends of Palm Island is coming !

This August, we're launching five new friends who live in the tropics! The Southern Palm Island, where Legged snail Poron & Noiel Forest Friend, Peg live, was first introduced in March. It is famous for its succulent bananas.

Everyone who lives on Palm Island is banana-colored. The first islander we are introducing is Wanda Friend, Chris Happy. Chris, as his name suggests, is a very cheerful guy. He makes everyone around him feel relaxed and joyful. His body is of course yellow. He has yellow-green eyelids, black eyes, and freckles that look like banana sugar spots. His legs down to his toes are a gradient brown. He’s definitely one of the cool guys. Additionally, a complementary accessory is available for Chris. It’s a Spottle, a pair of goggles for Wanda Friends. This edition is a Neko-mimi Spottle, meaning cat ears in English. The Palm Island pair is yellow-green in color.

Next, we have Fortune Wanda Friend, Nell Happy. She also has a yellow body with green painted on her head and half of her face, which looks like a mushroom mask. In addition, there are white spots all over the green part of her face. All in all, she looks like a tiny banana mushroom; cute but full of character.

The third one is Eamon, a small, talking bug. This is the second doll to appear from our new Chatty Bugs series, the first of which was Luma, the strawberry-looking bug. Eamon, predictably, is a bug that looks like a banana. His face and legs are beige. He has brown eyes, a yellow-green belly, and a yellow backside. His tiny head is movable so you can make change its facial angle.

Next is a crossover from a diffent series called "MeoWorld". From this series of cats comes Mirabelle, a yellow cat. She came to Wanda World after a mysterious event. Her yellow body and pink nose are her charming points. What kind of story she has in store for us, you will have to wait for the card included in the package!

And lastly, the most eccentric looking doll in this summer collection… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Silas. He is a friend of Walter who is a member of the Mist Tribe of the Black Forest. Whereas Walter (currently still on sale) has pitch black eyes with no pupils, Silas has almond-shaped eyes with a golden crescent iris and a black pupil. The pointy tip of his head is yellow green. His hands and feet are brown, which keeps up with the banana theme. You might think he is some sort of a monster but that is not the case. Like all the other residents of Palm Island, he is rather kind and cheerful. Silas is quite frankly, the life of the party.

We have a lot of new dolls coming all at once, so please enjoy the rest of the summer with any or all of these banana-rific characters. They will be launched on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM Japan time.

Have a Wanda-ful summertime!

Studio Uoo

Summer vacation Notice

Studio Uoo Online Shop will be on summer vacation from August 11 to August 15, 2022. During this period, we still take orders, but we will not be able to reply to mail or ship any items. Also, our limited dolls this month will be released on August 30. Please look forward to it. Thank you from Studio-uoo.

Dear Wanda Family!

We are excited to bring you our new Wanda Friend and Fortune Wanda Friend series. They were Crystal Mushroom dolls that metamorphosed into crystalline Wanda Friends.

The story is the mushroom dolls were transformed by the love of Bright Muliphein, an alien who came to Wanda World after losing his home planet. Bright settled in a town under the sea where he started teaching little kids of the sea mushroom people, about various things. He also holds storytelling sessions where he shares his life experiences.

One day, a mysterious rainbow bridge came down from above. Bright found “Aqua”, a Crystal Mushroom, at the end of the rainbow. He took it home and nurtured it with all his heart. And out of the depths of his love, Wanda Friend "Luster Bright" was born.

They have the same aqua blue color with a special sheen from inside which shines beautifully when it catches the light. Their eyes are a different shade of blue. They are translucent so light can pass through as well, giving the illusion of shimmering eyes. If you think about it, they look like a flowing stream struck by the sun, producing a magical glow.

It will be available in Wanda Friend and Fortune Wanda Friend variants. The release date is Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 7:00 PM Japan time.

We hope you have a nice holiday this summer as you take your new dolls with you to the water to cool off together.

Thank you and have a Wanda-Ful life!

Wonder Frog is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year!

Wonder Frog is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year!

In line with this, we are launching an online campaign on Instagram called My number 1-da Friend. Wonder Frog doll owners, supporters and fans all over the world are invited to post their favorite Wanda Friends, Fortune Wanda Friends and other Studio-Uoo creations on their Instagram page, with the hashtag #mynumber1dafriend. We previously announced that the event would be held during the month of June, but we are extending it until August 31. One post equals one entry, so you can post as many pictures as you want, for more chances of winning. Everyone who participates will be entered into a draw where they can have a chance to win a limited edition commemorative Wanda Friend doll T-shirt.

What are you waiting for? Get those smartphones, style those dolls and do a photoshoot now! We hope you all join us in celebrating this fabulous occasion. Happy 15, Wonder Frog!

Studio Uoo